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Hospital Ground Breaking

The Task

To create an event to showcase the plans for a new state of the art medical facility to two separate groups; the first being key physicians, board of trustees, dignitaries in the community as well as VIP’s. The second group was comprised of key staff members from the current hospital.They also wanted to create some type of “ceremonial” event symbolizing the beginning of the construction at the event, like ribbon cutting or ground breaking to kick off the beginning of the construction.

The Challenge

There were a number of challenges surrounding this project. The first one was that technically, they had already started the construction so the ground had already been broken and a partial foundation had technically already been laid. This brought the second issue up because now this site was a construction site with hard hats required and the construction company was adamant that no one was allowed in the “hard hat” area that wasn’t a worker– so the event could be close by, but not actually “on or at” the construction site. They did decide to allow a few key people with hard hats on at the site, but this meant the majority of the guests would not be able to be physically present at this ceremonial event. There was no structure nearby to hold the event. There was no electricity or running water nearby, so everything had to be built from scratch on an empty field adjacent to the property where the construction was taking place – filled with mostly dirt and sand spurs. Since there was no parking area immediately adjacent to this lot, we would need to shuttle people from a remote parking lot as well a shuttle key hospital staff members from the hospital, which was nine miles from the site of the new hospital construction. It was scheduled for the end of May in Florida – it is very hot in Florida the end of May.

The Solution

We decided to have the hospital host two breakfasts, back to back! One at 6:30 am for key physicians and board members and a second breakfast at 9:30 am for dignitaries, VIP’s and staff from the hospital.

Now we had to build a venue to host the two breakfasts. First, a large tent with windows, flooring, staging and lighting was brought in. Air conditioners, powered by generators, were installed in the tent to cool it. Next tables, chairs, and sound equipment were added along with TV monitors around the tent and two large screens in the front of the tent by the stage. Finally, palm trees, ferns, and other plants were used to create a warm ambience in the tent. Easels with drawings, renderings, and facts about the new construction were also placed around the room, which definitely warmed up the setting. A small side tent was set up next to the large tent to serve as the kitchen. A microwave dish was set up for a closed circuit TV system. And finally, a Kohler luxury toilet trailer with its own water tanks and generator was installed as well.

Shuttle buses were scheduled so that guests could be brought from the remote parking lot and from the hospital. During the first breakfast, while guests were watching a video, the top VIP’s were quickly transported to the actual hard hat area where the actual “ceremony” would take place. The VIP’s all placed their hands in a slab of wet cement to officially kick off the beginning of the construction of the hospital. All the while this event was being televised live back to the breakfast tent as well as being recorded. Breakfast guests were able to see the entire event live, as it occurred via the closed circuit TV. During the second breakfast the videotape of this event was re-played for the hospital staff. Needless to say, the client was extremely happy and Innovative Planners was able to overcome all of the obstacles presented to them and create a well-run and exciting event.