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The Fine Art of Radio Reception

The Task

CBS Radio entered the Tampa Market with the purchase of five radio stations in the Tampa Bay Area. CBS wanted to announce their arrival in the market with a splash as well as make a statement about their long and excellent history as an outstanding, quality broadcasting company.

The Challenge

Each of the five radio stations had a different format, ranging from jazz to oldies to sports/talk. Each radio station had its own niche in the market and advertisers (as well as listeners) were all very different, based on the format.

The Solution

“The Fine Art of Radio” was born! A beautiful sepia toned invitation with drawings of famous classical roman statues invited guests to come celebrate the “Fine Art of Radio” at a reception announcing the arrival of CBS Radio to the Tampa Bay Market and really embracing all formats. The reception was held at the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts, which afforded a lovely setting for this multi-leveled event. The museum offered a neutral location to showcase five very different radio formats, all the while delivering the message about a unified and experienced quality management staff and an expertise and history that a powerful company, such as CBS Radio, brings with them into the market. Cocktails and appetizers were served while guests were entertained by various styles of music- jazz in one room, a guitarist in another. Guests were able to visit and enjoy the museum as well.