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New York Giants Super Bowl Party Reception

The Task

A sponsor of the New York Giants, a well-known Italian clothier, wanted to host a very private party during Super Bowl XXXV to honor Giant’s head coach, Jim Fassel.

The Challenge

The event was to be small, intimate, and VERY private. It was a surprise for some guests and it was definitely a secret to the sports and press world, since the Giants were playing in the Super Bowl that year in Tampa. No Press, No Media, No Fans, and No Paparazzi!

The Solution

A small upscale restaurant in an out-of-the-way, non-descript shopping center had closed. However, the space was being used by another larger upscale fine dining restaurant for private events. The venue was perfect for this size group – approximately 60 guests. The contemporary furnishings in the room were wood tones with glass blocks for some walls, so we decided to warm the room by emphasizing the color red in the Giants uniforms. We utilized red rose bouquets on the tables and rose petals scattered throughout the room on top of crisp white linen table clothes, topped off with dark navy blue napkins that tied in all three colors in the NY Giants uniforms. Multiple white votive candles were placed on the tables and throughout the room to provide the primary lighting for this event, making a stark room extremely warm and inviting for a group of such iconic sports figures. Our favorite photographer, CJ Sagorski, captured some very special moments to be remembered. We were successful in keeping the event under the radar of the media, press and fans.